Business Incubator – RJ Criativo

Business Incubator

Every 18 months there are 16 businesses active in the Creative Economy field that meet in the Rio Criativo incubator (IRC), a complete ecosystem of stimulation, multi-sectoral interaction and sharing of ideas and tools, stimulating the emergence of new partnerships, collaborations, business management and capacity building. These elements combined are responsible for the survival and growth of newly incubated enterprises.

During the incubation period, businesses participate in a series of activities promoted by the IRC, such as business roundtables, lectures, workshops and consultancies.

In 2016 the second cycle of incubation is underway. The selection criteria are innovative spirit and the potential for growth and generation of work and revenue.


Monitored daily by a team of specialists, the 16 startups receive an investment of R$60,000 to foster their development by hiring consultants, mentors and services. These contracts are the result of diagnoses throughout the incubation process and generate a customised menu of consultants in accordance with the specific demands of each business.

The total turnover of the incubated companies in the first generation jumped from one million to ten million in a year and a half.

  • Benfeitoria

    The first platform for mobilizing impact projects that mixed crowdfunding with other forms of crowdsourcing without charging commission, Benfeitoria is a laboratory of collaborative experiments that develops content and tools to encourage people and institutions to be part of transformative projects in a simple and playful way . Benfeitoria accepts initiatives of any theme or size as long as they promote the common good. In addition, the company runs its own projects like Rio+, Reboot and UFC (University of Collective Finance).

  • Rios de História

    The Rios de História Historic Tour is a cultural historical tourism agency which operates in the state of Rio de Janeiro, presenting it to tourists and at the same time locals who value their local identity, characteristics and tangible and intangible assets. For more than five years, the company has conducted tours and excursions for those seeking knowledge, culture and history in an interesting, fun and very Carioca format.

  • MobContent

    The company is structured in three business units: Interactive, focused on audio-visual production in innovation; Distribution, a content aggregator for SVA and OTT platforms; and Video, for audio-visual content production. Proposes new solutions for content in terms of production and distribution, in a customized service delivery model that delivers projects with their own intellectual property.

  • Martinica Digital

    Works with digital mobilization focused on strategy and engagement between brands, people and purposes. Since 2009, the company seeks-out opportunities in its networks, anticipates trends, creates collaborative actions, diffuses the participatory culture and delivers knowledge with accurate, responsive and measurable analyses for different sectors. Its job is to develop strategies and relevant digital content, with constant monitoring of widespread behaviours, for the presentation of results focused on return on investment.

  • Ponte Plural

    A cultural initiative active since 2010 that fosters entrepreneurship in the music industry and coordinates related networks within the state of Rio de Janeiro, in order to create new local creative arrangements. Currently, it develops its activities in centres of cultural production, research, training and incubation of entrepreneurs and creative networks.

  • Arissas Multimídia

    Through different and complementary formations such as cinema, production, journalism and photography, the members have created a company committed to cultural projects and actions that combine the individual universe of authors, artists and institutions with innovative proposals and projects of high cultural value. The company offers services for the realization of long and short films, TV programs, institutional videos, publications, shows, exhibitions and artistic interventions.

  • Brazilidade

    A community-based tourism company that operates in Santa Marta, in Botafogo. With an educational, social and political approach, it seeks to deconstruct the favela stereotypes through guided experiences, lectures and educational tours.

  • EmCartaz

    Specializing in cultural production and management, its services are aimed at different stages of project implementation, from planning to completion. Its main philosophy is “ethics and organization”, the company’s mission is to provide excellence with production services and cultural management through a strategic planning and differentiated management.

  • Embolacha Discos

    The company created a crowdfunding tool, focused on the music market, that has paved the way for a new relationship between artist and audience. With it, the artist realises their projects through direct public contributions. This gives the public a chance to actively participate in deciding which ideas will succeed and receive creative and unique rewards.

  • Encontrarte Teatro

    The institutional creator of the Encontrarte Festival, specializes in cultural, social and sporting solutions that contribute to the development of people’s quality of life. Provides services of planning, installation, assembly, brokerage and management of cultural, social and sporting products; assistance in project management; event production and promotion; management of cultural spaces and equipment; training and professional qualifications; career management in the cultural arena, creating project frameworks within government tender processes, and tax incentive laws.

  • E-Trilhas

    Develops innovative solutions that integrate tourists to the lifestyle, culture and environment of Rio de Janeiro. The general purpose is to promote conscious tourism through rich experiences that bring benefits to the host communities. Among the services provided are research and compilation of information on ecology, history and culture; production of informative content; mapping of attractions; centralization of information on a web portal and online marketing. In addition, the company also created an application for trails that interacts with the physical map.

  • IU - Intervenções Urbanas

    The company uses a digital manufacturing method that enables the production of custom design products, allowing the creation of furniture tailored to the personal needs of individual consumers.

  • Jequitibá Restauro

    The company Jequitibá Conservação e Restauro Ltda. (Jequitibá Conservation and Restauration) is a result of the maturation of furniture and real estate restoration professionals. The founding partners, Daniela Sergipense and Leila Santos, have coordinated and carried out important projects in Brazil.

  • Julia Vidal

    Ten years ago, the researcher, designer and writer Julia Vidal created the African-Brazilian fashion label, Balaco. Over time, the content has been expanded to Brazilian indigenous and regional ethnic groups and the brand became Julia Vidal. The brand's mission is to create an educational fashion that values Brazilian identity through ethnic cool and development of product lines and services that promote Brazilian cultural expression and self-esteem. Among the main products are the clothing lines, accessories and books inspired by Brazilian ethnic cultures.

  • Projeto Subsolo

    Projeto Subsolo is a company that operates in the design, production and management of projects and innovative visual arts and contemporary culture products. It seeks to create new possibilities for connections between art, sustainability and local development.

  • Rumori

    Specializing in audio post-production, the company serves the audio-visual and new media markets, providing sound design services, mixing, sound branding, original soundtracks and sale of synchronization licenses. To improve its service, Rumori created a platform that filters the best track options for audio-visual projects, through an innovative system of filters that respect the regionalisms and the nuances of Brazilian music, BRTRAX (

  • Tipiti Soluções Culturais

    Founded in 2009, Tipiti Soluções Culturais develops products and management methods that contribute to the democratization of national culture and strengthening of the creative economy. The company aims to encourage the consolidation of creative endeavours and with great potential for employment generation, products, services and wealth at the national and international level.

  • Aniiima

    A studio that creates animation drawings with the human and social development of children in mind. Produces educational series that show characters of great values and hope. “Friends” such as JamJam, Boredom Bear, Galaxy Kid and Fafá were developed there.

  • Trinques Arquitetura

    Commanded by French architect Laure Beringuer, Trinques Arquitetura is a company that promotes democratization and accessibility of sustainable architecture projects in Rio de Janeiro’s communities. The purpose is to deliver complete dreams, made to measure and with great passion, from beginning to end.

  • Clave de Fá

    Clave de Fá is a research and development company working in social sciences that operates in management studies and projects with an economic and social focus. Its members believe in knowledge as a way of generating innovation and social impact.

  • Dumativa

    A creative studio that works on product development in interactive media. With expertise to tackle the pillars of production and efficiency, Dumativa unites talent and management skills to realise their work in the areas of electronic games, music, animation, visual arts, literature and programming.

  • Exímia Joias

    Combining elaborate techniques and unusual materials, the designer Gabriela Monteiro created Exímia, a non- traditional jewellery brand whose products combine suppleness and durability. The works are characterized by multi-functionality: a single piece can be an earring, bracelet and pendant, for example. Gabriela also highlights the combination of kraft paper and reconstituted leather: raw materials exclusive to the brand. Currently, Exímia is also developing garments, costumes and guiding the creative direction of other products.

  • Estúdio Giz

    Estúdio Giz is an audio-visual production company specializing in multi-platform content. Always with young people in mind, its team is engaged in the development and creation of films, TV series, animation and content for the Internet.

  • Fableware

    Founded by partners Arthur Protasio and Juliana Serapio, Fableware is a company specializing in the production of narrative content. It creates engaging stories on different platforms and transmedia projects, developing works in literature, advertising scripts, entertainment and education. The company was consultant to the telenovela Generation Brazil (TV Globo), and joined the creative team for the development of the app, Filma-e, which was nominated for an International Digital Emmy in 2015.

  • Editora digital Ideias na Rua

    Publisher specializing in the production of content for publications in e-book format, online magazines, blogs, video lessons and podcasts. It also sells digital tools for entrepreneurs, such as templates for making business plans and budget presentations.

  • Junta Local

    A community that brings together people who like to eat well and do made good, honest food. Its mission is to create physical and virtual spaces that allow direct interaction between producers and consumers, thus contributing to the consolidation of local networks and food alternatives.

  • M + E Design

    Bringing together expertise in architecture, museology, design, set design and spatial narratives, M + E Design produces content design and innovation for museums, cultural centres and businesses. Its portfolio includes clients like the Museum of Tomorrow, the Maritime Museum of the Navy of Brazil and the exhibitions “Earth from Above”, “Senna Emotion”, “Festival Reboot”, “Sérgio Rodrigues – Two Waters” and “Paper Football – Football Museum”.

  • Miarte

    The company offers the fashion market a new way to set up a business. With an e-commerce site for women's shoes run through free franchises, the franchisee creates its own page on the site, chooses the products to work with and is only responsible for promotion and sales. An innovative way to develop entrepreneurship in Brazil, delivering a business ready-to- go and with no bureaucracy for those who want to run their own business, but lack starting capital.

  • Nuh

    A women’s fashion brand that goes beyond t-shirts and accessories. Starting with the concept that it is not necessary to know how to dress, but rather to undress, it strips back to essentials without excesses. Its products are sold online and in pop-up shops and fashion, art and culture events.

  • MEIK Design

    Created by artist Leonart Lauenstein, the studio produces three-dimensional art-object representations of animals and decorative elements. Products to delight, surprise and reinvent environments with boldness and a contemporary touch. It also provides advice to other artists.

  • Terceira Margem

    As an architectural business led by a multidisciplinary team, Terceira Margem prepares architectural and urban planning projects with a co-creative, innovative and personalized approach tailored to each customer. Through practical workshops with residents and inhabitants, the company seeks to rediscover materials, objects, natural elements, feelings, experiences, memories and desires. The understanding of the team is that the relationship with a space can be tuned to the unique experience of each person.

  • Maquinário Narrativo

    We plot narratives: short, long or serialised, simple or full of twists. Maquinário Narrativo is an independent creative core, formed by six writer-entrepreneurs. With an innovative business model, the company transforms stories into formats and scripts designed for film, TV and multi-platform in partnership with independent producers and media channels.