The Rio Criativo Incubator (IRC) is a centre of innovation and collaboration that strengthens networks of entrepreneurs within the creative economy of the state of Rio de Janeiro. The goal is to position this emerging economy as one of the central axes of socioeconomic development.

Established in a 2,500m2 space in the centre of Rio—with auditoria, a terrace for events, meeting rooms, private offices and coworking spaces—IRC offers free activities in the foundations of entrepreneurship and generating business for 5,000 arts and culture professionals annually.

Workshops and consultancies address strategic planning, business management, resource mobilization, financial and legal advice, and communication.


Created in 2008 by the Secretary of Culture of the State of Rio de Janeiro (SEC-RJ), the Office of Support for Cultural Production was the embryo of the Rio Criativo Incubator. The Office’s goal was to train arts and culture professionals to qualify enrolments and the management of the network of cultural hotspots in Rio de Janeiro, and to democratise the use of the Culture Incentives Law. The success of this action, reproduced by various municipalities and governments, culminated in 2010 in the creation of the Coordinator of Creative Economy and the Rio Criativo Incubator.

More on the foundations of Rio Criativo

Business Incubator




  • Marcos André Carvalho
    Marcos André Carvalho
    Rio Criativo General Direction
  • Amélia Letícia Seba
    Amélia Letícia Seba
    Rio Criativo School
  • Ana Paula Jones
    Ana Paula Jones
  • Conceição Braz
    Conceição Braz
    Building assistance
  • Danillo Pádua
    Danillo Pádua
    Rio Criativo School
  • Edilaine Guerreiro
    Edilaine Guerreiro
    Rio Criativo School
  • Diogo Oliveira
    Diogo Oliveira
    Business Incubator
  • Ivana Beltrão
    Ivana Beltrão
    Business Incubator
  • Julia Ryff
    Julia Ryff
  • Larissa Lima
    Larissa Lima
    Project Manager
  • Lívia Pagano
    Lívia Pagano
  • Regiane Barros
    Regiane Barros
    Creative Economy Coordination
  • Talita Magar
    Talita Magar
    Balcão Crédito Cultura RJ attendance
  • Vinícius Boechat
    Vinícius Boechat
    Creative Economy Coordination


  • Alê Barreto
    Alê Barreto
  • Ana Ferguson
    Ana Ferguson
    Partner of Zeus Filmes & Produções
  • Anderson Moreira
    Anderson Moreira
    Legal Adviser on Cultural Rights and Creative Economy
  • André Martinez
    André Martinez
    Socio-creative intelligence co-creator
  • Arthur Protásio
    Arthur Protásio
    Screenwriter, narrative designer and founder of Fableware
  • Augusto Gutierrez
    Augusto Gutierrez
    Organizational development consultant
  • Benfeitoria
  • Betânia Furtado
    Betânia Furtado
    Cultural Producer
  • Carol Althaller
    Carol Althaller
    Cultural analyst and trend researcher
  • Chris Carvalho
    Chris Carvalho
    Business and product manager, image and style consultant
  • Clarissa Biolchini
    Clarissa Biolchini
    LAJE co-founder and Specialist in Innovation processes
  • Daniel Neves
    Daniel Neves
    Designer / Creative Consultant in Creative Tutoring Company
  • Daniel Pan
    Daniel Pan
    Studio Chaos! partner, professor and coordinator at IED Rio
  • Daniela Reis
    Daniela Reis
    Consultant and facilitator of collaborative projects
  • Donna Lola
    Donna Lola
    Accounting and Administrative Support
  • Dumativa
    Creative studio
  • Eliane Costa
    Eliane Costa
    FGV Master and MBA coordinator
  • Érica Lewis
    Érica Lewis
  • Estudio Giz
    Estudio Giz
  • Eveli Ficher
    Eveli Ficher
    Consultant in cultural production and expert in projects
  • Felipe Caruso
    Felipe Caruso
    Journalist and crowdfunding consultant
  • Felipe Lopes
    Felipe Lopes
    Bachelor in Cinema / Public Cultural Manager
  • Francis Berenger
    Francis Berenger
    Specialist in entrepreneurship, Lean Startup and innovation
  • Francis Mizputen
    Francis Mizputen
    Business Administrator and Master in Cultural Goods
  • Gabi Augustini
    Gabi Augustini
    Olabi Makerspace founder
  • Gabi Mazepa
    Gabi Mazepa
    Project Re-Roupa creator
  • Guilherme Lito
    Guilherme Lito
    Researcher of thoughts, experiences and models
  • Guilherme Velho
    Guilherme Velho
    Specialist in Creative Economy and Innovation
  • Harrison Mendonça
    Harrison Mendonça director, Cammada co-founder and professor
  • Herman Bessler
    Herman Bessler
  • Julio Trindade
    Julio Trindade
    Journalist specializing in digital communication
  • Leandro Donner
    Leandro Donner
    Bloco do Sargento Pimenta and Graveto Video Branding director
  • Leo Feijó
    Leo Feijó
    Director, entrepreneur and author
  • Leticia Carneiro
    Leticia Carneiro
    Strategic Planning Executive
  • Marcos Ferreira
    Marcos Ferreira
    Managing Partner of mobCONTENT
  • Marina Ferraz
    Marina Ferraz
    Television executive
  • Mario Pragmacio
    Mario Pragmacio
    Legal Advisor for startups
  • Martinica Digital
    Martinica Digital
    Digital strategy agency
  • MODO
  • Paulo Prochno
    Paulo Prochno
    Professor of Business Strategy at the University of Maryland
  • Rastro
    Digital strategy agency
  • Reino
    Design Studio
  • Sabrina Bitencourt
    Sabrina Bitencourt
    Producer of audiovisual contents for cinema and TV
  • Sandra Pedroso
    Sandra Pedroso
    Ateliê de Cultura director and Fiscal Council ABCR
  • Teo Benjamin
    Teo Benjamin
    Specialist in Collective Financing and Collaborative Economy
  • Tomás de Lara
    Tomás de Lara
    System B Brasil co-leader and Goma co-founder