School – RJ Criativo


Every year, Rio Criativo School serves 5,000 creative entrepreneurs from the 92 cities of the State of Rio de Janeiro with ideas and projects that are still in the initial stages. Every month there are caravans and marathon workshops where practical knowledge and useful day-to- day tools for the cultural worker are democratized, stimulating the public to transfer the instrumental learning acquired in the daily routine of their business. From 2008 to 2016, the Rio Criativo Incubator built the capacity of approximately 25,000 cultural workers through its workshops and consultancies.

Formal and informal networks with a common identity, which could be based on territory, theme or sector were also served.


The Rio Criativo Marathon takes place every month for three days and covers topics such as management, planning, public and private financing, formalizing a business, marketing, branding, web-based communication, financial management, accounting and law for the creative economy. In each edition around 200 people participate in workshops and consultancies that are facilitated by renowned professionals in the market, free-of-charge.


Once a month, the Rio Criativo Incubator team and its group of mentors travel to a region of the state of Rio de Janeiro in order to provide knowledge in cultural management and entrepreneurship for the population of the interior of the state. With free workshops and consultancies facilitated by renowned professionals, the aim is to orient and incentivize the development of ideas and innovative projects. Around 120 creative entrepreneurs participate in each caravan. The activities are based on the specific local market, strengthening the businesses in the region.