Coworking – RJ Criativo


Considered as a pre-incubation stage, Rio Creativo Coworking is a collective workspace with 40 workstations offered free of charge, occupied in six-monthly cycles, by entrepreneurs from 20 companies active in the Creative Economy field chosen through a public call for applications.

The objective is to share ideas and tools between incubated companies and partner institutions, and create a network driven by the concepts of innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • Studio Xpress

    A digital marketing agency that is committed to relevant results and focused on achieving the objectives of each client. We act as your digital department, integrating all marketing activities, project creation and development in a well-planned and competitive manner. Through our intimacy and experience with digital tools, we increase your visibility on the Internet and create dialogues geared to the acquisition of new customers.

  • Diversa

    Diversa is an agency of communication and sociocultural innovation that has been operating since 2010 in Rio de Janeiro. We serve public institutions, the third sector and especially the so-called network of the cultural economy—artists and projects in the areas of theatre, dance, music, visual arts, publishing and audio-visual production. Our mission is to develop projects and services on behalf of Brazilian culture, strengthening its diversity and broadening its reach throughout the entire country.

  • Aiuta

    We help companies organize their data efficiently utilising concepts of information architecture associated with minimalism. We optimize all data collection processes, as well as generating reports in real-time, delivering SaaS (Software as a Service).

  • Pragmácio Consultoria Jurídica

    To give support to creative businesses. Following this vocation, Pragmácio Consultoria Jurídica has forged a special path in the harvest of culture and entertainment, with an emphasis on the creative economy. The firm provides specialized services, such as in copyright law, laws to encourage culture, specific contracts, and business law applied to start-ups, among others, taking advantage of new technologies and the establishment of a collaborative network of partners to serve the sector.

  • Gigi Express

    Passionate about origami, we transform tissues and papers through folding, one by one, combining colours and brightening-up the day! Gigi Express prepares accessories with a touch of oriental charm. All products are manufactured with the artisanal technique orinuno (folding, or origami, in starched fabrics). Simple fabrics, formed into geometric shapes, become beautiful wallets, purses, trinket boxes and other accessories to accompany your day-to- day life.

  • Clave de Fá

    Clave de Fá is a research and development company working in social sciences that operates in management studies and projects with an economic and social focus. Its members believe in knowledge as a way of generating innovation and social impact.

  • Exímia Joias

    Combining elaborate techniques and unusual materials, the designer Gabriela Monteiro created Exímia, a non- traditional jewellery brand whose products combine suppleness and durability. The works are characterized by multi-functionality: a single piece can be an earring, bracelet and pendant, for example. Gabriela also highlights the combination of kraft paper and reconstituted leather, raw materials exclusive to the brand.

  • M + E Design

    Bringing together expertise in architecture, museology, design, set design and spatial narratives, M + E Design produces content design and innovation for museums, cultural centres and businesses. Its portfolio includes clients like the Museum of Tomorrow, the Maritime Museum of the Navy of Brazil and the exhibitions “Earth from Above”, “Senna Emotion”, “Festival Reboot”, “Sérgio Rodrigues Two Waters” and “Paper Football – Football Museum”.

  • Miarte

    The company offers the fashion market a new way to set up a business. With an e-commerce site for women's shoes run through free franchises, the franchisee creates its own page on the site, chooses the products to work with and is only responsible for promotion and sales. An innovative way to develop entrepreneurship in Brazil, delivering a business ready-to- go and with no bureaucracy for those who want to run their own business, but lack starting capital.

  • Pet Roomie

    Pet Roomie is an online community where animal tutors find other lovers willing to care for their dogs or cats at an affordable cost. More than an airbnb of domestic animals, the mission of the venture is to connect people through trust.

  • Terceira Margem

    As an architectural business led by a multidisciplinary team, Terceira Margem prepares architectural and urban planning projects with a co-creative, innovative and personalized approach tailored to each customer. Through practical workshops with residents and inhabitants, the company seeks to rediscover materials, objects, natural elements, feelings, experiences, memories and desires. The understanding of the team is that the relationship with a space can be tuned to the unique experience of each person.

  • Gabi Mazepa

    Searching for transformation through clothes in a creative process that escapes the traditional and connects with the moment we live in. His creativity is awakened by what already exists: offcuts, defective parts, out of season and forgotten in time and the key word is transformation.

  • Holística Design

    Holística Design uses methodologies focused on the human being to help of public and private sector organizations to build a co-creative culture and systems needed to turn problems into opportunities.

  • Agência Trustme

    Agência Trustme is a branding agency that supports new businesses and ventures to develop their market potential through structuring and brand building. Uses communication and marketing techniques often only employed by large organizations. In less than two years of existence, Trustme has accumulated customers in different regions of Brazil and abroad.

  • Cinenoar

    CINENOAR is a video streaming platform focused exclusively on Brazilian content. The idea is to enhance national cinema and facilitate its exposure to different audiences, making selections and bringing together the best examples on a free online platform. Cineoar is committed to ensuring the copyright of each film, and compensation per-view is generated through online advertising.

  • Piraporiando

    Piraporiando is a cultural producer in the field of literature and reading. It generates content principally for children and educators, with a focus on cultural diversity. Piraporiando’s main products and services are creative writing workshops; literary production workshops; and lectures (topics related to enhancing cultural diversity and collaborative children’s stories);

  • Osmose Filmes

    Osmose Filmes, created in 2012 by the partners Emílio Domingos and Julia Mariano works mainly in the area of documentaries, and also produces shows, corporate videos, TV series and video clips. Among its accomplishments are the award-winning documentary A Batalha do Passinho (2013) and Ameaçados (2014) and the show MICROTEATRO RJ (2014). Currently, Osmose is concluding its second feature film, the documentary Deixa na Régua, preparing the series Era Uma Vez em Junho (working title) and also the next edition of Microteatro RJ.

  • Vostok

    Founded in 2013 by screenwriters Peter Nobrega, Thiago Dantas and Yuri Samico, Vostok is a producer of narratives whose aim is to invent, discover and promote great stories. With the aim of establishing a new relationship between the author and the producer, Vostok works as a core of writers with a model of development and production of their own work. In this way, the stories regain prominence in production chains and reach the public without losing the artistic value with which they were devised. Other projects in development include the production of feature film screenplays, TV series, web series and conceptual design for art exhibitions.

  • Fridoka

    Fridoka is a Rio de Janeiro brand that, since 2014, works with sustainable materials and low environmental impact. It uses the concept of up-cycling and does not use anything of animal origin or which has caused animal suffering. It values the local workforce and believes that people are more valuable than profit. It is a jumble of fun concepts and active women. Fridoka’s muses are Frida Kahlo, Baby Consuelo and Leila Diniz. Ah!

  • TheLírios

    TheLírios, founded by filmmaker and Afro-entrepreneur Aline Lourena in 2009, is a creative content production agency that is accessible to small entrepreneurs who want their business promoted with creativity and dedication. The goal is to provide audio-visual production services, such as web series, personal documentaries and conceptual films that tell the stories of enterprises. In 2015, the company was selected for the Support Programme for Afro-Brazilian Entrepreneurs promoted by the IDB and Endeavor Brazil.

  • Kimeric Labs

    Kimeric Labs is a development studio for independent games. We are currently five people developing for computers and mobile phones, focusing on projects that can lead to solid intellectual property rights.

  • GA Rio de Janeiro

    Guiding Architects Rio de Janeiro offers professional tours around the city, guided exclusively by architects. The guides have a thorough knowledge of the city and show dynamic urban development through architecture. Tour participants can discover the works of renowned architects on the world stage and projects with great urban impact. The act of revealing the city space through the tourist gaze allows Cariocas themselves to better understand the history of their city and reconnect with her.

  • Festival Visões Periféricas

    The Peripheral Visions Festival – which is the only of its kind in Brazil and a reference throughout Latin America – aims to compose a panel that expands and aesthetically problematizes the notion of periphery and represents the size and diversity of the country by means of audio-visual production. Every year, the festival holds long and short exhibitions in various cultural and public spaces promoting the integration of the city and urban mobility. Audio-visual productions built on different platforms, with distinct formats, languages, durations, narratives and aesthetics, diversify the bouquet of Visões Periféricas films.

  • ID_BR

    ID_BR, whose acronym translates as Institute of Identities of Brazil, is a non-profit organization engaged in promoting racial equality. It developed the campaign Sim à Igualdade Racial (Yes, Racial Equality), which aims to continuously engage civil society participants, regardless of their skin colour or race, in the fight against racism. Through the sale of products and the licensed use of the campaign symbol for events or supporting companies, ID_BR reinvests funds raised in organizing events and transfers to other institutions focused on social inclusion of marginalized groups and the fight against racism. The project mentors are Leila Velez, a partner from the network Beleza Natural, Sonia Hess, from the brand Dudalina, and Luiza Trajano, owner of Magazine Luiza.

  • Kaplow Studio

    Kaplow Studio is a producer of animated content for diverse media. We are writers, illustrators, animators, storyboarders and animation producers seeking new forms of production and distribution that have not yet been explored.

    Besides developing our own projects, we provide services at all stages of a work of animation, acting as the creative core (developing the script and artwork) of an in-house animation studio.

  • Pandora Game Studio

    We create games! Our mission is to dazzle and captivate players of all ages and lifestyles around the world with digital games that are intelligent, challenging and breath-taking. We are currently developing digital games for mobile phones and tablets, with games for Mac, PC and consoles in the pipeline. Sit back and get ready to open the Pandora’s box and be fascinated with our creations!

  • Maloca Querida

    We develop projects with spaces, furniture and objects from materials that would otherwise be discarded. Through architecture, urbanism, landscape, art and design, that which was unexciting and dispensable can more than be recovered, turning it into an environment or object of desire, ready to live new stories.

  • Vizubox

    Vizubox, the former Rio ao Vivo, begins its expansion process and reshapes its brand with a more technological and international position. Now, you can travel with just a few clicks to Brasília, soon Sao Paulo and other capitals of Brazil and abroad.

    Its mission is to provide vision beyond reach for society by helping people make decisions about where to go and turning cities into smart cities.

  • Chamon Produções

    For seven years, Patricia Chamon was executive producer and financial controller of several projects: audio- visual production for cinema and TV shows for theatre, concerts and various cultural productions. In 2012 she created Chamon Produções, a producer specialized in management and development of in-house and partner projects.